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How To Love Your Teeth On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is one of the most passionate holidays of the year.

During this time, you might be looking forward to spending some quality time with your partner, your friends, or enjoying your own company.

On this day, one of the most natural ways you can show appreciation or adoration for a loved one is a gift of a beautiful smile.

Your smile is one of the most noticeable physical features. A clean and healthy smile is crucial for all ages.

A great smile can boost your self-confidence and create a great first impression on the people you will meet. A great smile starts with proper dental hygiene.

With this, here are some of the ways how to love and take care of your teeth, indulge in sweets safely, and keep your smile attractive on Valentine’s day and all year round!

When Eating Sweets


While giving and receiving chocolates, candies or any sugary snacks by someone is a sweet gesture your teeth may not appreciate.

Though we cannot tell you to refrain from eating sugary foods, the best thing that we can do is to provide sweet insights on each of them.



Solid chocolates with no sugary or chewy center might be a better option as they do not stick to your teeth completely.

You can choose a high-quality, Dark chocolate brand with 50% or more cocoa. It ensures that it is pure and free of additives that can hurt your teeth.


Sweet, sour and sticky candy may be one of your favourites in your childhood, but these are your teeth’ worst enemy.

Remember that consuming this type of sweets is detrimental to your oral health, especially if you just had your cosmetic dentistry treatment like teeth whitening.

We all know that sugar from candies can cause cavities, which could cause discoloration of your teeth.

Moreso, gummy candies are acidic to your teeth, which causes your enamel to wear down.

Instead, you can try softer treats like melt-in-your-mouth doughs or peanut butter cups.

Bottom line, there are many ways to show affection and appreciation to your loved ones. You can give them flowers, a romantic dinner or picnic, or practical gifts instead of sweets.

After Eating Sweets


After you eat your sweets, show your teeth some love and care as well.

Here are some oral hygiene tips that you can apply even after Valentine’s day.

Hygiene Tip 1: Brush


Brush between your teeth, around the brackets (if you have braces), and at the gum line. Brushing your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening for a minimum of 2 minutes each time with a soft-bristled brush can prevent your teeth from forming bacteria, plaque and cavities.

Your tongue also carries bacteria. Make sure you brush it from the back to the front as well.

Hygiene Tip 2: Floss


Floss between your teeth and at the gum line as often as possible.

Flossing your teeth every day will help you refrain from getting cavities and bad breath from building up food deposits between your teeth.

Keep your breath fresh on this special day by having floss at hand to remove any food particles and bacteria in your teeth.

Hygiene Tip 3: Eat Alkaline-based foods


Eating green leafy vegetables will help you to keep your teeth strong. You can also eat fruits like watermelon, cucumber, young and avocado to help protect your teeth and oral health.

Hygiene Tip 4: Drink Water


As simple as drinking plenty of water, this will help your mouth to produce enough saliva to keep your teeth protected.

Not only does it clean your mouth every time you drink it, but It also washes away leftover food that cavity-causing bacteria are looking.

It also helps dilute the acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth.

Hygiene Tip 5: Regular Dental Checkup


While having a toothache is a sign that you need to visit your dentist, having a regular check-up after eating sweets during Valentine’s day will prevent you from having any serious dental procedures.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to see a dentist twice a year. However, factors such as your hygiene, habits, biology and your oral health could play a role if you have to visit the dentist more than twice a year.

That is why having a regular inspection of your teeth and gums from your dentist will help you improve your oral hygiene habits to get fewer cavities. You can also request a teeth whitening service if you want to have an instant bright smile before and after Valentine’s day.

Remember To Love Your Teeth.


During Valentine’s day, we may be overwhelmed with love and affection by the greetings and gestures of our loved ones.

Though we may not stop you from not eating chocolates, candies or sweet drinks during this day, we hope that you will learn from the dental hygiene tips and sweets to refrain that we have discussed.

If you seek further dental consultation to restore your smile through dental check-ups or cosmetic dentistry, you can contact us here.



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