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Give the Gift of Teeth Whitening in Sewell This Holiday Season

Holiday gatheringEvery holiday season, there is that one person who seems impossible to find the perfect present. As you browse the aisles, nothing seems to be the right choice. This year, consider giving them the gift of confidence with professional teeth whitening in Sewell. With bright, beautiful teeth, you will help them to feel better about their appearance while allowing them to start the new year with a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift a Beautiful Smile

Research shows that one-third of adults do not like the appearance of their teeth, largely due to discoloration. While many consider whitening treatments, they rarely want to spend the money on their self or do not know where to turn for cosmetic procedures. This year, you can give an unexpected but much appreciated gift with a whiter smile.

While you could choose to give an over-the-counter whitening system, they do not contain professional strength whitening agents. As a result, they are ineffective for producing drastic changes to the teeth and they may not be safe for everyone. Instead, it is best to send your friend or loved one to a professional to give them the bright smile they have been wanting.

Affordable Whitening Treatments

Now, your dentist in Sewell offers a variety of whitening treatments that are effective and affordable. Among one of the most popular options involves Zoom! WhiteSpeed. This treatment is available in-office and as a take home kit. Both options will combat stubborn tooth discoloration to leave their smile several shades whiter.

Another common solution includes the Day White Kit, which will provide everything that is needed to whiten the teeth at home. The kit includes custom-made trays and an advanced whitening formula to resolve tooth discoloration in just 30 minutes a day over the course of about two weeks.

As an alternative, there is also a Night White Kit. This includes custom-made whitening trays and a highly concentrated formula to get the teeth several shades brighter. During the 2-hour application process, it can resolve even the most stubborn stains, such as those that are gray or brown.

Give the Perfect Gift Today!

If you cannot seem to find the perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself, choose something a bit unique this year. With a professional whitening treatment, you will restore confidence with a solution that will keep on giving long past the holiday season.

If you are ready to give the gift of teeth whitening, contact your local cosmetic dentist to arrange for a beautiful smile.

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