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A beautiful smile can make a huge difference in your sense of self-confidence and overall wellbeing. It can also impact the way others see you. At Connolly Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Sewell, we want to help you achieve the dazzling smile you’ve wanted. With our offering of cosmetic dentistry services, we can make y our smile physiologically and aesthetically effective. Our specialists will sit down with you and discuss your choices if you want to change the appearance of your smile. Following our doctor’s discussion of potential solutions, our skilled staff will collect a series of dental records. Diagnostic photographs, impressions, and dental x-rays will all be included in these files.

Teeth can become damaged, chipped, weak, and discolored as a result of aging and stress. The latest technology allows us to restore and strengthen these teeth in a conservative manner, restoring their natural strength and beauty. We can also whiten your teeth if you want a more youthful, clean, and healthy smile.

View the amazing results that our Sewell cosmetic dentists have helped our patients attain.

By combining professional expertise with technological advance and quality restoration material, we can help you face the world with an empowering sense of confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry services include some of the most effective currently available anywhere:

Our doctors will sit down with you again to discuss your options after our team has developed a specific cosmetic treatment plan for your dental needs, and after our doctor has discussed your options, we will discuss payment options and how we can restore your smile that works with your budget. To learn more about some of these services, read on.

Teeth Whitening

This simple service helps our Sewell-area patients achieve what many of them want more than anything—a brighter smile. But there’s more than one method for whitening a smile. At Connolly Family Dentistry, we offer multiple whitening options. Visit our teeth whitening page to learn more about our solutions.

Porcelain Veneers

Your cracked, discolored, crooked, and gapped teeth can become uniformly white and perfectly shaped with acrylic or porcelain veneers. We’ve had extensive training with this ever-changing, modern way of enhancing your smile. Veneers are customized pieces of thin, durable material, which are bonded over your prepared teeth. We fabricate acrylic veneers in our Sewell dental office, so they can usually be applied in one visit. Since porcelain veneers are made in an outside dental laboratory, it’s often a longer process for placement and bonding. Our dentists will offer you advice about which type of restoration best suits your smile. Visit our porcelain veneers page to learn more about our solutions.

Cosmetic Bonding

If your teeth require only minor corrections, cosmetic bonding is an affordable and convenient way to enhance your smile. With bonding, our Sewell cosmetic dentist can help you hide dark spots, chips, and cracks. What’s more, cosmetic bonding can also be used to close gaps between teeth. Once the tooth-colored bonding material has been applied, your cosmetic dentistry will sculpt and polish it until it looks like a natural part of your smile.

Porcelain Crowns

If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, a porcelain crown can help you restore total function while offering a remarkably pleasing appearance. They do this by encapsulating a damaged tooth that has already been prepared, restoring teeth with very large fillings, areas of decay, breaks or chips, or that have been treated with root canal therapy. Your crown will be shaded to the color of your enamel, and then shaped to match your tooth size, shape, and anatomy.

All Ceramic Crowns

Our dentists are proud to offer restorative dentistry solutions that also come with valuable cosmetic benefits. All ceramic crowns are able to effectively cover up areas of dental decay and recreate the structure of teeth in a way that appears natural and lifelike. Their biocompatible nature may even enable your gum tissue to grow back alongside the restoration. You’ll be amazed by how difficult it is to tell the difference between an all ceramic crown and a natural tooth!

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are often the ideal material for crowns that will be placed in spaces that are tight and areas that experience a lot of daily stress. Even patients who’ve experienced excessive sensitivity or an allergic reaction to more traditional dental materials can receive zirconia restorations; they’re very compatible with the human body, and only minimal preparation is needed to accommodate them within the mouth. Better yet, their translucent quality is nearly identical to natural tooth enamel.

But which of these services is most right for you? That’s a question our cosmetic dentists would be more than happy to answer during a consultation visit. Besides assessing your oral health, we can steer you towards the treatment plan that will truly benefit you.

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Our Commitment To Quality, Affordable Care

At Connolly Family Dentistry, we believe that access to quality dental care and treatment should not be prevented due to a lack of affordability. As fellow members of the Sewell community, we are committed to making sure that all patients that come through our office are entitled to treatment options that are as affordable as possible.

We will work to maximize your out-of-network dental benefits, though we are currently not in network with any major insurance plans. That said, many times out-of-network benefits provide benefits that are comparable, if not more beneficial than in-network coverage. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff to learn more about your coverage and options!

Proper oral hygiene and treatment are essential components of you and your family’s overall health, and it has been widely shown that failure to maintain proper oral health can lead to more serious health conditions and related complications. As part of our commitment to serving our community, we also offer several financing options to meet the needs of every patient.

If you would like to go over the full list of options we offer, explore our Finance Options Here or ask about our pay in full savings!

We look forward to serving you and your family! 

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