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Top 7 Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth Professionally

Are you one of the people who hesitate to show your teeth and confidently smile?  

Well, you are not the only one. 

A recent study states that 57 percent of Americans laugh while covering their mouths because they lack confidence with their teeth. 

Another study states that  7 in 10 people admit that they are self-conscious about their teeth.

It is one of the reasons why 61 percent of Americans desire to change something about their teeth. 

Having whiter teeth is on top of the list.  Having a confident smile could bring the best first impression about you. 

A bright smile could welcome opportunities to communicate more with people in your personal and professional life. 

That is why teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

If you do not feel confident about your smile, you do not have to hide your smile anymore. 

Whitening your teeth professionally can brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence instantly! 

If you are unsure if professional teeth whitening is right for you, consider these top seven reasons to try professional teeth whitening procedures today and achieve a stunning and bright smile! 

1. It enhances your appearance


Whiter teeth can instantly improve your appearance and change how others interact with you.

 A study shows that a whiter smile increases your attractiveness by 20%. 

Moreover, the perception of having a whiter tooth appears to be more friendly and intelligent. 

A brighter smile can also help you stand out during your corporate presentations, improve job opportunities during interviews, and create a great first impression at social gatherings. 

2. Improve your self-confidence instantly


A bright and beautiful smile could help you feel better, increase your satisfaction and boost your confidence about yourself while at work and while you interact with friends and family members. 

When you smile more, this could boost your serotonin production, which can also help you brighten up your mood and improve your mental and physical health. 

When you feel embarrassed, unsatisfied or stressed about your teeth, it can increase the production of your stress hormone; cortisol. 

Restoring whiter teeth also renews your self-esteem!


3. You will look much younger


Having gray or yellow teeth can make you look older than your actual age. 

Stains from coloured pigments in coffee, red wine, tea, and tobacco products are some of the leading causes of teeth staining. 

With just a few sessions, your teeth will instantly brighten in several shades, making you look much younger without any pain during the procedure.

If you have wrinkles and acne scars, your new whitened teeth can divert the attention away from your frown lines or any skin imperfections and focus more on your bright smile.


4. Achieve instant and superior results


Another reason to whiten your teeth professionally is to get the expected results and time frame. 

At-home whitening kits and products can take more time, and the results may vary.

Dental professionals can discuss your desired results with you and consult you to achieve those results.

The good news is that you can complete your professional whitening treatment in just a short timeline or even an hour. 

As for its effectiveness, professional in-office whitening have a more concentrated whitening agent compared to commercial whitening products. 

Professional teeth whitening procedures can lighten your teeth by about eight shades in one hour, whereas over-the-counter teeth whitening products can take several weeks or months to lighten your teeth by one to two shades.


5. It is a safer option to prevent gum and teeth irritation

Another benefit of choosing an in-house
professional teeth whitening is you will get a dental exam. 

It ensures that the teeth whitening procedure is safe for your teeth.

The teeth whitening gel from the commercial teeth whitening product can affect your cracked teeth and access the delicate nerves leading to more dental issues. 

Whitening effects will also vary per patient’s dental condition. 

Whitening strips are usually one-size-fits-all, leading to close contact with your gums which could cause gum irritation. 

Some patients may have existing porcelain crowns and composite fillings. 

That is why over-the-counter whitening products will not be effective on those parts, thus achieving different results.

On the other hand, a professional whitening procedure ensures that your gums, cheeks, and tongue are safe from damage caused by active whitening ingredients.

6. Enhance Your Oral Health


Improving your smile with professional teeth whitening treatments can also benefit your oral health.

When you have bright and shiny teeth, this can be a motivator to maintain their best condition with brushing, flossing, and regular checkups.  

Neglecting your oral health could affect your overall health as well. 

It could also lead to heart conditions, organ failure, and even cancer.

With a professional consultation from your dentist, you can now identify any cause of your oral health issues and get insights if you have to undergo any needed treatment.


7. You will save more money


Having your teeth whitened professionally could be a cost-effective treatment in the long run.

Since professional teeth whitening is more effective and dental consultation can customize your needed whitening treatment, you do not need to use at-home teeth whitening products multiple times to see your desired results. 

It can save more money with guaranteed results than using commercial teeth whitening products. 

Also, when you improve your smile, this could help you avoid future health problems by taking care of your oral health, which can minimize further expensive treatments, saving more money in the long run.

Tooth For Thought 


Having a sparkly and bright smile is a worldwide preference by many as this could enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. 

A teeth whitening treatment done by professionals ensures customized teeth whitening treatment and consultation. 

It is also a safer procedure to whiten your teeth because it lessens gum irritation or teeth sensitivity. 

It could save you more money because it is a precise process, knowing how many sessions you need to achieve your desired and guaranteed results. 

Are you interested in achieving a stunning and bright smile? 

Contact us today for a consultation.



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