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Connolly Family Dentistry cares for patients of all ages with an emphasis on prevention.

ThinkstockPhotos-153776231Family dentistry diagnoses and treats dental problems of patients of all ages. Prevention is key to healthy teeth and gums; so Connolly Family Dentistry offers careful examinations, hygienic cleanings and a full array of cosmetic and restorative services.

What’s an important way to maintain good overall health throughout your life? Keep your teeth and gums healthy, of course. With compassionate and state-of-the-art dental care from Connolly Family Dentistry in Sewell, NJ, all your loved ones, children to teens to adults and seniors, can have a vibrant, attractive smile through excellent preventive dentistry.

Teeth and gums need routine exams and cleanings.

Christopher J. Connolly DMD PA and his associate dentists, John McCarty DMD and Christopher John Connolly DMD, give each of their patients thorough oral examinations to check for:

  • cavities and gum disease
  • proper bite and alignment of teeth, including TMJ assessment and orthodontics
  • oral cancer screening using inventive and painless Vizilite diagnostics
  • the condition of restorations such as crowns and fillings
  • children’s need for fluoride treatments and sealants to prevent decay on molars

Conventional and/or digital x-rays catch hidden decay and problems with bone structure and roots. One of Connolly Family Dentistry’s skilled dental hygienists removes harmful plaque and tartar and polishes tooth enamel to a shining lustre.

Then, the dentist formulates a treatment plan to address any concerns. Also, he will answer any questions the patient has and listen to the goals he or she has for a cosmetic work or restorations. This consultation is a great time for patient teaching on a wide variety of dental topics, including the basics of brushing and flossing for children.

What if your family dentist finds a problem?

Rest assured that the team at Connolly Family Dentistry has the skill to address any dental health issues with correct and conservative treatment. For instance, tooth-colored fillings take care of any decay for a color-matched and durable result. For larger restorations, Connolly Family Dentistry offers super-strong Zirconia crowns and biocompatible and natural-looking all-ceramic crowns.

Dental implant restorations are available as the premium choice for replacing missing teeth.

This Sewell, NJ practice also offers high quality bridgework and partial and full dentures to keep smiles and facial structure intact and attractive.

For failing and infected teeth, Doctors Connolly, Mc Carty and Connolly perform comfortable root canal therapy to preserve natural teeth for years. For wisdom teeth extraction and even full mouth reconstruction, patients receive the best of oral surgery in a relaxed environment.

What is cosmetic dentistry all about?

Cosmetic dentistry is a vital part of family dentistry. It focuses on the aesthetics of a healthy smile.

Teens and adults get teeth brightened with safe and professional at-home whitening trays and carbamide peroxide gel. Fast in-office whitening with hydrogen peroxide gel powers out stains from food, beverages or smoking. Tooth color improves by up to 8 shades.

Resin composite bonding may be added to teeth whitening to fill cracks and spaces. Custom acrylic veneers, crafted right in the office, or durable porcelain veneers cover teeth with stubborn discoloration and larger defects.

Would you like your loved ones to have an outstanding family dentist?

Contact Connelly Family Dentistry to start your family on the road to great dental health. It’s a goal the Connelly team would love to be a part of. Contact the office for an appointment: (856) 582-0900.



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