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From Your Dentist in Sewell, NJ: Prevention is the Key to Avoiding Cavities

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding cavities. Learn more from you dentist in Sewell, NJ.You’re out on the town enjoying your favorite sweet treat at your favorite ice cream shop when it hits you! That unfamiliar zing of pain when the cold ice cream hits your tooth is a shock and also a possible indicator of tooth decay. It’s time to visit your dentist because by the time you feel the painful zing you may already have a cavity. Being proactive and taking care of it as soon as possible ensures the least invasive treatment for you. Your dentist in Sewell, NJ discusses how prevention is the key to avoiding cavities.

What is a Cavity?

Cavities occur when the acids in your mouth have caused your enamel to erode and the hole that remains is the cavity. Plaque is the sticky white film that builds up on our teeth and is made of the bacteria, which produce cavity-causing acids. Sugar is the fuel for the bacteria to create those harmful acids.

How Can I Prevent Cavities?

There are many steps you can take to combat plaque and acids in your mouth. Besides brushing and flossing regularly, which removes plaque from your teeth, you can use an antibacterial mouth rinse. Keeping your mouth clean is your first line of defense in keeping it healthy.

Limiting your snacking throughout the day and keeping snacks healthy if you do have them is another way to combat plaque and bacteria. Did you know that fruits and vegetable actually neutralize the acids in your mouth? They also increase saliva flow, which helps to wash away food debris and bacteria.

Cutting out sugary beverages such as soda, or energy drinks is also helpful in preventing tooth decay. Acidic drinks such as coffee should also be limited if possible, or make sure you can brush after consuming them.

Regular Dental Visits

Not only does your hygienist help to remove stubborn plaque build-up during your regular dental visits, your dentist will also screen you for tooth decay. Believe it or not your dentist can detect tooth decay much earlier than you can. In some cases, patients may even be able to reverse tooth decay if it’s caught in its earliest stages.

At Connolly Family Dentistry our doctors are your partners in cavity prevention! With regular screenings for oral cancer, tooth decay and periodontal disease we are your first line of defense in maintaining optimum oral health. Our goal is to help you avoid many of these conditions and keep your smile beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.

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