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The 7 Amazing Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing your missing or damaged teeth, there are several options that you can choose. However, there is an option that stands out from the rest of the tooth replacement options; dental implants. 

Dental implants replace the tooth root in the mouth area where tooth or teeth are missing. 

Unlike dentures and bridges, there are a lot of benefits when choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement options. To name a few, they create the stability not to move around and maintain your jawbone from deteriorating. 

To know more about the wonders and benefits of dental implants, let us look at the seven perks of getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth. 

1. You Will Look Younger.

Having dental implants will make you look and feel younger because they prevent any bone loss that would typically occur when you lose a tooth.

When you lose a tooth, you also lose your jawbone tissues. Why does it become a problem? Our jawbone requires stimulation such as chewing to retain its form and shape. 

By preventing bone loss, you will be able to maintain your facial structures. And the chances of looking older than you are less likely to happen if your jawbone remains intact.

Unlike wearing dentures, you will still experience bone loss, which will make you look older than you are. However, when you choose dental implants for tooth replacement, your facial structures and jaw remain intact, healthy, and strong. It will also lead to improving your appearance.

2. You Will Feel More Confident.

Having dental implants will make you feel more confident to smile and talk to other people.

Since dental implants will less like to slip out from your mouth like dentures, you feel more confident when talking during social gatherings.  

There is no need to worry about your denture popping or moving around while you eat, speak, laugh or sneeze. 

Since dental implants are securely attached, there is no need to deal with dentures adhesives. It will help you boost your confidence as these feel like natural teeth. 

3. You Can Eat Better and Be Healthier!

After your successful tooth replacement procedure and the healing process is complete, you can use your dental implant just like how a natural tooth would function.

Because dental implants are deeply rooted in your jawbone, you can start enjoying eating your food. You can also eat nutritious food that might be harder to chew with dentures alone. With dental implants’ support, you can improve your chewing ability, and your digestion will get better. 

4. Your Other Teeth Will Not Be Affected.

When you replace your missing teeth with dental implants, your adjacent natural teeth don’t need to get involved. Unlike bridges, they do not need to be compromised or damaged. Bridges require some grinding of the adjacent teeth for the bridge to be cemented on them. 

However, when the tooth structure has been compromised, it can never be replaced. Thus, its long-term health could be affected. 

The same thing goes with dentures. When you wear a partial denture, its clamps need to hook onto your adjacent teeth. It also requires placing pressure on your adjacent teeth that cause them to loosen. 

With dental implants, your adjacent teeth don’t need to compromise or suffer.

5. Your Jawbone Will Retain.

When you lose your teeth, the bone mass in your jaw tends to loose as well. 

Your jawbone needs the stimulation from chewing to maintain its bone mass.

The good news is that dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces both the crown and the root part. 

It will help imitate jaw bone stimulation and prevents bone loss.

6. You Will Have An Easier Time Cleaning.

One of the misconceptions about having dental implants is that they require intense dental care or products to clean.

The great news is that taking care of dental implants is not that complicated. 

Taking care of your dental implant is like how you brush and floss your natural teeth. You don’t need to buy some cleaning products to care for them.

Though dental implants will not decay, the gums and surrounding bone can still deteriorate without proper dental care leading to implant failure. 

That is why continuous brushing, flossing and regular dental check-up every six months should be part of your dental care routine.  

7. It is a long-lasting tooth replacement solution.

Though dental implants can be a long-term procedure, you will reap a long-term reward afterwards. Unlike other teeth restorations which might need replacements after just a couple of years, dental implants can last for twenty years or more after they become successfully fused with your jawbone. 

Since dental implants were built from a strong material called titanium, they will not get cavities. Of course, you need to maintain proper dental care for both your dental implants and your other natural teeth since these can still get cavities. 

Tooth For Thought

Dental implants could work a lot of wonders to restore a healthier and more beautiful smile. There are tons of benefits to having dental implants. Aside from boosting your self-confidence, they also promote better oral and overall health. Plus, they are easy to clean too.

If you want to know more about dental implants or have any questions about the treatment, You can contact us for more consultation. 



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