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Stop the Pain and Save your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy in Sewell, NJ

480377293At Connolly Family Dentistry in Sewell, NJ, we’re out to change the bad reputation that is attached to having a root canal. Seriously. Why a procedure that can simultaneously cure a toothache and save a tooth has a bad rep is a mystery. And the notion that a root canal is painful is simply a myth. If you have a toothache, make an appointment with one of the dentists at Connolly Family Dentistry and together we can change the image of root canal therapy.

So what is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when you have an infected tooth. Let’s look at the structure of a tooth to understand how infection begins. Your teeth are made up of three layers. The protective, outer layer is called enamel. Next, is the dentin, a somewhat softer and more sensitive portion of your tooth. The inner most layer is referred to as dental pulp, which is comprised of nerve and lymph tissue as well as blood vessels. If this pulp becomes exposed to bacteria, whether through deep decay or a traumatic injury to the tooth, infection can set in and the tooth will begin to die.

Signs that you may have an infected tooth include severe tooth pain; swelling of gum tissue around the tooth; tooth discoloration; and obvious signs of infection on an x-ray.

The Root Canal Procedure

At the start of a root canal procedure, one of the dentists at Connolly Family Dentistry will anesthetize the tooth and the surrounding tissue to prevent pain during treatment. Then, we will carefully expose the pulp chamber in order to cleanse and disinfect this area and its associated canals. The canals are then filled with a biocompatible, anti-bacterial material and the tooth is sealed. The dentist will likely want to protect the tooth from further damage with a crown. Once this crown is in place, you’ll have a fully restored tooth.

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