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How To Make Your Professional Teeth Whitening Result Lasts Longer

Investing in professional teeth whitening is a good choice because it improves your overall looks and builds confidence in yourself. 

A beautiful set of white teeth is possible with cosmetic dentistry. With professional teeth whitening procedure, the results will last longer depending on how you take good care of your teeth. 

In keeping that bright smile, you should find ways to make your teeth whitening results last longer.

Some foods and habits stain our teeth. That is why you must choose a lifestyle that takes good care of your pearly, white teeth after the teeth whitening procedure.

Taking good care of your teeth


So what are the ways to make one’s pearly, white teeth last long? The following steps are simple to follow to ensure one’s smile is always bright and white!

1. Hydration is important


Drinking enough water throughout the day is a healthy habit that is basic and simple. Hydration is good for your brain, skin, mouth, and teeth. 

Water maintains your overall health and helps your oral health by rinsing all the excess residues from all the food and drinks you have taken.

Drinking water helps rid of food particles, dirt, and bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria residing between your gums and the surface of your teeth could lead to gum problems and cavities. Bacteria on your teeth removes the enamel. The enamel is where the whitening agent sticks on by a professional whitening procedure.

2. Avoiding foods that stain


The main culprits that stain our teeth are coffee, tea, red wine, and other coloured drinks such as fruit juice, energy drinks, and sugary drinks like hot choco, milk tea, sodas, and frappes. Other foods that also stain our teeth are sauce-based, especially tomato-based ones. 

Tomato-based foods such as pizzas, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, tomato ketchup, and tomato juice stain your teeth with intense red pigments. If you cannot resist delicious Italian meals, you should wash your mouth with water after the meal. You can still indulge in your pasta craving without sacrificing your white teeth by following a meal with water.

Coloured foods have intense coloured pigments called Chromogens. Chromogens attach to the surface layer of your teeth called the enamel. 

Sugary foods are acidic to teeth and damage the enamel (outer part of the teeth) because bacteria feed on the sugar left on the surface of the teeth. The product of bacteria feeding on sugar is the acid that destroys the enamel. If a person cannot avoid coloured-sugary drinks, drink with a straw.

3. Refrain from smoking


Chemicals found in cigarettes are harmful to our teeth; Tar and nicotine. Tar darkens the teeth. Nicotine is a colourless substance that turns yellow when mixed with oxygen through combustion by burning the cigarette. 

Smoking is a damaging habit for both your lungs and teeth. Breath well and smile bright by not smoking.

4. Brush your teeth


The best way to keep a beautiful smile is to brush your teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day. Do not forget to floss to remove tartar and avoid plaque. Gargle mouthwash to remove germs. 

5. Use whitening toothpaste


The fluoride in toothpaste protects your teeth from bacteria by coating your enamel. Like putting armour on a soldier, the fluoride on toothpaste protects the tooth from bacteria. 

6. Schedule an appointment


One of the best ways to make white teeth last long is to visit your dentist to get a consultation or schedule an appointment after your teeth whitening procedure.

Tooth For Thought


Professional teeth whitening is cosmetic dentistry that lasts longer than any whitening toothpaste. The whitening treatment done by your dental professional will last for several months. However, one should make lifestyle choices that make teeth whitening procedures last long. For professional teeth whitening services customized for your dental needs, Schedule your dental appointment with us!



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