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Chew On This: Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

ThinkstockPhotos-469999547Regular brushing and flossing will always remain the best protection against tooth decay and gum disease. Did you know there are foods out there that can actually help whiten your teeth? It’s true. A tooth-friendly diet can help keep your smile bright and your gums healthy. Just like there are nutritional benefits from certain foods, some of these same treats can help keep your teeth looking beautiful. At Connolly Family Dentistry in Sewell, NJ, our job is to educate you on ways to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful without coming into our office. Keeping your oral health in good standing is the easiest way to enjoy a lifelong smile.

Food: The Bad

Before we get into the foods that you should eat, it’s important to know which foods and drinks to steer clear from:

• Sugary breakfast cereals
• Coffee, tea and red wine
• Some starchy foods
• Candy and highly-sweetened snacks

Each one can have devastating effects on your teeth. Not only is staining a common occurrence, but cavities can develop just as easily. And, if a cavity isn’t addressed in time, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your mouth, often resulting in painful root canal therapy treatment. Trust us when we say this: you don’t want that to happen. Eating food that is good for you and offers dental benefits is the way to go. What foods can provide these benefits? You’re about to find out.

Food: The Good

Who knew foods rich in dental benefits could taste so good? While some of the following selections may seem high in acidity, you’d be surprised how beneficial they are to not only your oral health, but your overall health, too. Without further ado, here are the foods:

Strawberries: Malic acid, a chief component of this fruit, acts as a natural astringent that removes surface tooth discoloration.

Seeds and nuts: Chewing these delicious treats rubs plaque and stains off the surface of teeth. Enjoy a few almonds for a mid-afternoon snack full of protein and healthy fats.

Apples: This fruit’s crispness strengthens gums and their high-water content increases saliva production, thus neutralizing bacteria colonies that lead to plaque and halitosis (bad breath).

Celery and Carrots: Its high-water content helps whiten your teeth by stimulating saliva production, which aids in washing away food debris and strengthening gums.

Broccoli: Its florets scrub the surface of teeth, so pack some into your lunch for a midday brush.

Cheese: Hard cheese is full of calcium, which strengthens teeth and gums. Plus, most cheeses are near colorless so they won’t leave your teeth stained.

Milk and Yogurt: When you think of a superfood, this is it. Their high calcium count strengths teeth, making enamel healthier and whiter. Enjoy a high-protein Greek yogurt for a snack, or pair after-dinner cookies with an ice-cold glass of milk.

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