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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to See Your Dentist in Sewell

Mom and daughter smiling outsideSchool’s finally out for the summer! Your kids are probably looking forward to the big family vacation, or maybe they just want to savor the break. But before everyone gets too relaxed, consider this: summer is a great opportunity to bring your kids to the dentist in Sewell for a cleaning and checkup. Here are some of the reasons why your family’s summer plans should include a dental appointment.

Summer is a More Convenient Time to Visit

It can be tough to make time for your kids to see the dentist during the school year, which is why a summer appointment can be so much easier. Not only is there plenty of time to spare, but your kids will likely be more relaxed in general, making for a much happier visit. It can also be a more convenient time for working adults who are taking a few days off in the summer.

Summer is Good for Dental Work That Requires Recovery Time

Have a teenager whose wisdom teeth are about to come in? Need a root canal soon? These and other procedures will require patients to take a few days to recover. For those in school, the extra-long break is perfect for this; for those who work, you may be more likely to enjoy a day off in summer compared to other times of the year.

People Eat More Sugar During the Summer

Both kids and adults tend to consume more soda, sweets, fruits, and juices during the summer; these sugary snacks can greatly increase the risk of cavities, especially if you already have plaque buildup. By having your cleaning done now, you’ll reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth and give yourself added protection for the summer. Children can also have dental sealants for their back teeth, which tend to be more vulnerable to decay.

You Can Get a Mouthguard for Summer Sports

If you or your children plan on playing some baseball this summer, it may be a good idea to pick up a mouthguard from your dentist. It’s been found that athletes without some form of oral protection are far more likely to sustain damage to their teeth, so it’s best to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Remember, no matter when your visit is scheduled, it’s vital to get preventive care every six months from your dentist in Sewell; the thorough cleaning will take care of plaque in places that you may have trouble brushing, which is important for avoiding gum disease and tooth decay. Your family will need to make those appointments sooner or later, and summer can be the perfect time.

About the Practice

At Connolly Family Dentistry, dentists have been covering families’ dental needs since 1979. They offer comprehensive treatment plans and state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Preventative care may include dental X-rays and an oral cancer screening. To schedule a summer appointment, visit their website or call (856) 245-5898.



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