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The Dental Quiz for Cosmetics from a Cosmetic Dentist in Sewell!

A woman pointing at her smile.It’s amazing what having a beautiful smile that you’re confident to show off can do for your daily life. Multiple studies have shown that having a beautiful smile can increase your chances of success in your job, help you find a romantic partner, and improve your overall mood! That’s why cosmetic dentistry is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of dentistry out there!

That’s why a cosmetic dentist in Sewell decided to create a simple quiz to help people figure out which treatment may work best for them.

Take the Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz Today!

After answering the following questions and tallying your total, you’ll have a much better idea of which treatment to consider before visiting the dentist for a cosmetic consultation. It only takes a few minutes!

Question #1: How would you describe the color of your smile?

  1. My teeth are brown and yellow.
  2. My teeth are darker and more difficult to make white!
  3. My teeth have a gray tint due to tetracycline use as a child.

Question #2: How much do you intend to spend?

  1. Not too much money.
  2. As much as I need to get the smile of my dreams!
  3. Not too much, but I still want a perfect smile.

Question #3: Are you willing to alter your teeth?

  1. If it makes my smile better, sure!
  2. Only as much as needed.

Question #4: What would you consider most important to your cosmetic treatment?

  1. Treatment must be quick!
  2. Getting the most natural-looking smile possible.
  3. Not breaking the bank.

Question #5: Do you have any current restorations?

  1. Nope!
  2. I do, but they need repairing.
  3. Only a couple.

Learn Your Results!

If your answers were mostly A, then you may want to consider teeth whitening to boost your smile. Not only is teeth whitening incredibly effective, but it’s also quick, especially when you do it in-office. In about an hour, you can remove mild to severe surface stains without altering your teeth for a reasonable price. If you need to perform touchups, take-home whitening kits can be provided as well!

If your answers were mostly B, porcelain veneers may be more your style. Veneers require removing a minimal amount of enamel to place, but the results are truly the most natural-looking option you can choose. They’re also ideal if you have stains that don’t respond to whitening as well as chips, cracks, gaps, crooked teeth, or even all of the above!

If your answers were mostly C, cosmetic bonding is a great compromise between getting a perfect smile and not removing or altering any enamel to do it. It’s also more affordable than fitting your smile with veneers and generally as quick as teeth whitening.

If your answers were more mixed, that means it’s time to schedule a consultation with a dentist in Sewell!

About the Author

Dr. Christopher J. Connolly has taken many continuing education courses solely dedicated to cosmetic dentistry, including several courses from The Esthetic Advantage. This program is taught by one of the best cosmetic dentists in the United States, Dr. Larry Rosenthal. To learn which treatment is truly best for your dental issue, you can contact him through his website.



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